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FEBs The Lunar Ticks! & The Lunar Sea's & Black Sound & Bowie!

#FlatearthbritishUKtour2022 #Martinliedtke
Oi! Double Flat Thumbs!
Welcome back to FEB Think Tank for a mid week special!
Oh Buoy! ‘Brian’ Splats incoming!
We have super exciting news of FEBs upcoming UK tour! & a Big FEB Convention for Easter.
A fuckton of truth ,and fun! More info to follow!
In todays post we think about the Killer Moon ,and the possibility that the Moon is actually floating in water or a Lunar Sea!
Could Crrow777s Lunar Wave be just that…. A wave?
Included today!
Holy Shitski!! What did Bowie just say? Bowie once spookily let slip to Dick Cavett about terrible sound weapons he calls Black Sound.
Sound weapons that could destroy a city or crack the World.
We know it as the Fasces.
We look at the effects of such a sound weapon with rare Boston 1871 Images.
Shares ,and thoughts & Maybe we will take a few live calls!”
Looking forwards to all that?
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Luv & high Vibes ,and all cool stoof!
Tar In a jah!

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